There are very few pleasures in life that measure up the euphoria of newlywed bliss. After all, what is a honeymoon but a time of seclusion only to be spent with your significant other? It is often said that the wedding is for the guests and the honeymoon is for the couple. If this is true, then finding yourself sunbathing atop the glistening Caribbean Sea on a private island located only five miles from the Belize Barrier Reef seems like a fair trade after potentially stressful nuptials.

Everything you need to unplug, unwind and connect on your honeymoon is at your disposal at Coco Plum Island Resort. Accessible only by boat, this private island oasis allows for no more than 42 guests at a time. You can be sure that you and your loved one will have plenty of space to enjoy the intimacy of a private island honeymoon. Crystal clear shallow waters surrounding the island are perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, fly-fishing and swimming. You can choose to be as relaxed or as adventurous as you wish.

Just steps away from the sea, brightly-colored and uniquely named cabanas are purposefully situated in a staggered pattern along the beach to enhance privacy without obstructing the views. The island is yours to revel in!

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