The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica, has made the list of the top places to stay in the Caribbean favored by celebrities. Celebrities like Britain’s Prince Harry, actress Naomi Watts, and others often look for resort retreats that feature private beaches, clear Caribbean waters, and lush natural landscapes. For American models Bella Hadid, who wanted to keep the pace a secret, and Emily Ratajkowski, the villas at the Rockhouse Hotel are the perfect place to relax. The villas seem built into the landscape of volcanic cliffs rising above the blue Caribbean Sea. Ratajkowski described the place as “paradise” to her many Instagram followers The design of the 24-room boutique hotel is totally integrated into its natural setting and features waterfront villas and studio-style rooms constructed from the island’s stone, timber, and thatch. As a green-globe certified venue, the Rockhouse has a garden that contributes fresh food for its three open-air restaurants, and all of these have amazing views of the sea.

Round Hill in Montego Bay, Jamaica, also ranks high on the list of celebrity favorites. A special choice of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this historic hotel is located in what had once been a pineapple grove. Its natural landscape and history is emphasized by the spa that is located in an 18th-century plantation house. The accommodation combine ocean-front rooms designed by Ralph Lauren and privately owned villas with wicker and mahogany

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