Londa Young

Style has no size. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It is actually quite passé and more so politically incorrect to assume that only thin is in. In this time when ‘loving yourself to fullness’ and the discussions about body positivity fill the air, it is now liberating and celebratory to love ‘your curves and all your edges’. It’s not about what size you wear, it’s that you are one of a kind.

Fuller figure models are now ruling the roost making covers of magazines and redefining standards of good health and images of beauty. Supermodel Ashley Graham’s fight with Fox and ABC, for banning her Lane Bryant Lingerie commercial, on the premise of her alternative stereotype, raises the double standards which plague our beauty/fashion industry and bear testimony to the existing dichotomy with respect to beauty ideals.

Right here in Trinidad and Tobago, fashion buyer, Londa Young, herself a fuller figure woman, loves catering to “curvy ladies”, as she puts it. She points out that her consistent client is “a tad fuller-of-form, and as we wittily say, “pulchritudinous”. Operating from her fashion hub, Lon’s Fashions, she rallies a special clientele ㅡ a wide cross-section of fashionable and, for the want of a better word, ‘mature’ women who leave it up to her to shop for them.

Why Style has no size, say Fashion Buyer Londa Young

This vivacious fashion buyer prides herself on selecting one-of-a-kind trendsetting ensembles, conversation-opener coordinates and individual statement pieces which speak to the fashion tastes of our cosmopolitan diversity. On occasion, I stop by her Barataria outlet, a nerve centre ‘liming spot’, of sorts, to vibe from the spawning of a slew of fashionable exchange – health tips, holistic regimen insights, styling advice, image consultancy and on-call fittings of her recent imports, all fuelled with interactive commentary and confidence-boosting camaraderie. I swear Lonz, as she is affectionately called, is a local matriarch of a fashion parlour quite similar to those eighteenth-century Parisienne society salons, where new trends were determined and empowerment initiatives were formulated.

Why Style has no size, say Fashion Buyer Londa Young

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