Bush Medicine

The first experts in the science of jungle pharmacology, better known as traditional medicine or “bush medicine”, understood the concept of balance. For the indigenous Maya, sickness was a sign of an imbalance of energy. They called the life force that permeates through all things, ch’ulel. This life force is what connects us all. Notwithstanding, the belief that there is no separation between the body and the universe may sound like fantasy. However, the truth is that all things are interconnected. In healing tradition, healers spoke to the plants, developing a relationship with them in order to carry out their work.

As there’s no separation between the body, earth and over and under worlds, the process of healing was one that required the cooperation of not only the healer and patient, but also of the plants and spirits.

Getting back to our ancestral roots is the path to appreciating nature’s foresight. Additionally, a natural lifestyle provides cures and relief to the many health risks and obstacles we face in everyday life. Essential to a holistic approach of living, nature’s pharmacy may require a learning curve. However, when understood, it can be life changing. As the movement towards cleaner living and mindful practices spreads more and more, we are rediscovering the value of going back to basics with nature. Whether it is magic, a master designer or just natural phenomenon that resulted in nature’s grand design, it is there for us to learn from and use responsibly.

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