Travel Guide Andrea Foster visits some of the most beautiful places in Jamaica on a daily basis. Find out which ones are her favorites. 

What’s something that would surprise most people about Jamaica  — any off-beaten path things to explore?
Jamaica is full of many surprises, but one fact that keeps surprising our visitors over and over again is that Jamaica has the most churches and rum bars per square mile than anywhere else—what a combination! Blue Hole Secret Falls is still a favorite, along with Pelican Bar, the bar in the middle of the ocean!

From roadside stalls to holes in the wall to fine dining experiences, what are the best places to try that celebrate Jamaica food culture?
One of the best places to try and celebrate our food culture, apart from being invited to a local home, of course, is Scotchies Jerk Center. The other places include food vendors, patty shops, and most local restaurants that serve jerk chicken, oxtail and, curry goat.

What are the most Instagrammable spots in Jamaica?
I would say Blue Hole, Rick’s Cafe at sunset, Pelican Bar, and Blue Mountain.

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