Jamaican Entrepreneur Transforms Plastic Waste into Pavements

Jamaican Entrepreneur Transforms Plastic Waste into Pavements

Zara Harris, founder of ReBuild and a student at University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica, isn’t waiting for an answer to plastic waste (plastics pollution) – she’s created her own solution. Harris has developed a process that transforms recycled, non-biodegradable plastics into heat-resistant building tiles and pavement squares.

The unique new products have the power to significantly reduce plastic waste and they have additional benefits. The tiles and pavement squares don’t reflect sunlight back into the environment like traditional building materials so surroundings stay cooler. They also facilitate water run-off from storms and only non-potable water is used in the production process.

Harris plans to begin with the tiles and squares and hopes to eventually expand operations to include the patching and construction of roadways later on. Her process will have far-reaching effects for Jamaica and the world. The company will provide jobs in Jamaica, contribute…

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