Jerk Dumplings
Photo: IG @destinationdumplings

Destination Dumplings, owned by Chef Tristan Chin-Fatt and Deon Whiskey, has been named by Gothamist as one of the 15 Best Dumpling Spots in NYC., thanks to their signature Jerk Dumplings. The friends have been serving up dumplings at Smorgasburg, street corners and food festivals throughout the city, with Chin-Fatt utilizing his Chinese-Jamaican heritage to create a unique spin on the house specialty.

The restaurant was launched as a way to showcase a modern approach to dumplings and feature food from Chin-Fatt’s culture and his wife’s. The handmade, pan-fried jerk dumplings have captured the hearts of New York foodies with crossover favorites and the restaurant has been featured in a multitude of broadcast and print media outlets and social media platforms.

The cuisine is as diverse as the restaurant’s owners. They infuse traditional dumplings with flavors that combine cultures of countries around the world while presenting them in unique ways. Some of the delicacies include jerk chicken with pineapple…

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