If a Latina mom tells you, “Este año no me regales nada…” (Don’t get me anything this year), you better sound the alarms. You know that’s not true. Every Latina mom wants to feel special on Mother’s Day. And if you find yourself in a panic, thinking, “But she said she didn’t want anything!” Calm down. There’s a good chance she’s already told you what she wanted…you just missed her hints. Let’s be real: most Latina moms speak in code. Their ability to hint at what they want without actually saying what they want is like a superpower. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you decipher the hints for you, and make sure your mom has the best Mother’s Day ever.

1. An updated photo album.

Things You Didn’t Know Your Mamá Wanted For Mother’s Day

Photos of your family mean so much to your mom. She won’t let anyone throw out any pictures, no matter how old or ridiculous they are (yes, like that photo of you dressed up as your abuela when you were five). One day you walk into the living room…

2. Alone time away from her husband and children.

Things You Didn’t Know Your Mamá Wanted For Mother’s Day

Latina moms put everyone before themselves…but sometimes they need a little time away from, well, everyone. If you notice your mom saying things like, “Ay Dios mío, if only I had a minute in the day for me…” then she’s probably hinting at some alone time to recharge. After all, she runs the show! She needs her rest! A relaxing afternoon away from the chaos of the familia is a great Mother’s Day gift.

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