These stellar musicians and artists are showing the beats, language, and fashion of their Afro-Latino roots through a variety of music styles. Celebrate Black History Month by getting to know these eight influential Afro-Latino musicians.

Oscar D’Leon

When you’re dancing to salsa classics such as “Llorarás” or  “Qué bueno baila usted” with your familia at your prima’s wedding, thank salsa grand maestro Oscar D’Leon. The Venezuelan salsa singer has been singing his way to the top of the salsa charts for decades. His mega-watt smile is also a welcomed asset to Operation Smile, of which he is an ambassador, obvi.


One of the most popular reggaetoneros who is having a major moment right now is Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trip artist, Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, aka Ozuna. He recently made history for the Billboard Latin Music Awards by being nominated for 23 awards. That is the most of any Latin artist thus far. Catch him on…

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