The Secret to Getting the Best Vacation deals in The Caribbean

Fall in the Caribbean has long been touted as ‘low season’ or ‘rainy season’. For this reason, you’d be well within your rights to think that it isn’t an ideal time to pack your bags and take a vacation…but what if you’re missing out? CC+L spills the beans on a surprisingly great time to plan a visit to the Caribbean.

The Price is Right!

Yes, the winter months are upon us.  This is the perfect time to start planning your next vacation while you’re all cooped up. There’s something special about the Caribbean no matter when you go. A little-known secret was that one of the calmest times to go was the so-called low season? Imagine this: the kids are back at school so families with children aren’t traveling, the fearful are tucked away for fear of a hurricane that is relatively unlikely to take place. Added to this, the resorts and hotels are still forcefully trapped in the tradition of having to offer low rates.  Due to lover number of travelers sometimes as low as 40% off high season rates. The result? A perfectly priced, quiet vacation period that you really should be taking advantage of!

Warm Waters

One of the big draws to the Caribbean is its beautiful waters, made even more beautiful by the warmth they’ve received over the summer. By fall the water has spent all summer basking in sunshine. Your dip in the ocean just got a whole lot more enjoyable. Although diving visibility may not be at its peak in the fall, there are still great options for diving in places like the ABC islands in the southernmost part of the Caribbean. Well-known for sitting just outside of the standard hurricane belt, the ABC islands consist of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Generally, these locations have less winds during the fall meaning that visibility is still considered generally good for diving.

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