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Over the years the Caribbean music industry has been dominated by males, whether they are as disc jocks, toasters, singjays or dancers. The women of the industry have expressed their appreciation of the work the men did to be recognized for their own creativity. There is still work to be done to allow the female creatives the same respect their male counterparts receive. Contributor Terri K sat down to catch up with upcoming Jamaican artist Shenseea recently to learn a bit more about the woman behind the some of our favorite songs such as “Loodi”. We wanted to find out how she has dealt with her fast rise to stardom and what her plans are for the future. Take some time to get to know Shenseea in this exclusive interview or the Karibbean Kollective.

Is your stage named pronounced exactly like your given name, Chinsea, or should it be pronounced with the “sh” phonetic sound? Share with us the story behind the spelling.

Well it is to be pronounced with the “sh” phonetic sound, how we came about that though is that Romeich said there were too many Chins in the music industry, my name as is, is very unique but the we said it could be pronounced many other ways, so it was either going to be Chenseea or Shenseea. We googled ‘Chenseea’ and a lot of people came up and then we did ‘Shenseea’ and no one came up, so we decided ‘Shenseea’ was the best name to go with.

You’ve described yourself as a woman of pulchritude. What other characteristics define the woman we affectionately know as Shenseea?

I am a headstrong individual, not easily influenced. I’ve always been a leader ever since high school. I am a mother of a two-year-old. I am foodie as well. I love music; music has always been my first love. I can draw as well as paint, so I have two artistic talents. I am very hardworking and determined and have never given up on my dreams. Once I want it, I am going to get it.

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