Toucan of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

When in Cockscomb do as the Jaguars do.  With panoramic views, hundreds of species of birds and home to all five species of Belize’s wild cats, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is an unforgettable adventure! The world’s first jaguar preserve consists of 128,000 protected acres.

It is a short 30-minute drive Northwest from Placencia in Southern Belize. An expanse of biodiversity, the reserve is a safe haven for all of Belize’s wild cats including Puma, Ocelot, Margay, Jaguar and Jaguarandi. These majestic creatures are a marvel to behold in their natural habitat.

In the sanctuary you’ll find signs of activity everywhere. Scats on trails and paw prints in the mud are recorded almost daily. At the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary you are immersed deep into the world of these wild cats. Who knows? You might be lucky enough to experience a close encounter.

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