Omari McQueen has big dreams, and he’s making them come true with the launch of his pop-up vegan restaurant Dipalicious. The 11-year-old entrepreneur will be open for business Aug. 17-24, 2019 in Croydon, United Kingdom. McQueen is of Jamaican descent and his dream was to serve food that brought people together and didn’t involve harm to animals.

While he hasn’t finalized the menu for his restaurant debut, food enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes that include BBQ jackfruit with breadfruit chips, along with pepper fritters highlighted by McQueen’s own dips. Stew broccoli with rice and peas will also be available.

McQueen is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He founded Dipalicious at the age of eight. The young chef launched his “Mari Maker Show” YouTube channel featuring his own Caribbean Kick dip recipe. It was also the beginning of his Dipalicious vegan dip company. The enterprise has expanded and now offers his signature vegan dips,…

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