Music is the one common thread and often brings people together in a joyous way. At your wedding, the songs you play should add energy, love, and character to your special day. They should not only be romantic but exciting as well with a rhythm that is capable of putting a smile on everyone’s face. Below you will find a list of ten Reggae songs that will make your wedding day even more memorable.

1- Shaggy. Angel: This popular song, sang by the talented Shaggy (Orville Richard Burrell), Angel is perfect for every and any wedding. The beat is captivating and the lyrics are beautiful.

2- Bob Marley, Satisfy My Soul: Show your partner how much they “satisfy your soul” by playing this Bob Marley hit. The beat is slow enough to have a romantic dance, while looking in your partner’s eyes.

3- Tarrus Riley, Love’s Contagious: Love’s contagious, I don’t need to be cured. Woman you fill my prescription, feel like a new man, You’re like my vitamin you keep…

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