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Once a common area for fishermen to clean their catch of the day, Shark Ray Alley is now a popular snorkeling site teeming with nurse sharks, rays and marine life. Located inside Hol Chan Marine Park, the country’s first established marine reserve, spanning roughly three square miles, this is a perfect half-day activity for all ages.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

A short 15-minute boat ride south of San Pedro or 30 minutes North of Caye Caulker; Hol Chan is very accessible. Upon arrival, you are in for a warm welcome! A frenzy of sharks and rays surround the boat and seagull’s flock above, all awaiting a special treat from the tour guide…not to worry it is just bait!

Moreover, Nurse sharks are the most popular species of shark at this reserve. The sandy floors make for the perfect hang out spot for these laidback and docile creatures who enjoy laying on the reef floor and finding food hidden in the corals. With some of their favorite dishes being…

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