Nissin has issued an apology after getting accused of “white-washing” Haitian-Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka in an advertising campaign.

This month, cup noodle maker Nissin served up its animated “Hungry to win” ad campaign, drawn by “Prince of Tennis” artist Takeshi Konomi featuring tennis stars Kei Nishikori and Haitian Japanese US Open Champ, Naomi Osaka.

The advertisement quickly drew criticism on social media, with many users accusing Nissin of whitewashing Osaka. Critics allege the cartoon depicts Osaka, who is half Haitian and half Japanese, as having pale skin, light brown hair and Caucasian features.

Baye McNeil, an African-American columnist based in Japan, said Nissin had altered Osaka’s appearance to make her more commercially “appealing”. “I was truly…

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