Fringe It Up Earrings from Trinidadian brand Shop Shari. Photo IG: @shopshari

So who doesn’t love a bit of online shopping? Well more like a lot of online shopping. I do most of my buying on the inter-webs because it’s more convenient- you can take your time and browse the e-aisles without having to deal with other customers bouncing into you or pushy sales clerks. Just a quick (or lingering) sweep of the site, add to basket, purchase and you’re done.

One of the things that I have learned from operating my Instagram page is that customers always want to know ‘where’. Where can I buy this? Where can I find shipping information and costs for products? Most of the designers that I feature have a prominent online-apart from social media-presence that make it easier for customers to view and purchase items.

There are also websites like No More Fashion Victims that make it easy to shop a variety of your favorite  Caribbean Designers all in one space.

Here are a few that you should take immediate note of:

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