One Entrepreneur’s Quest to Beautify Miami’s Little Haiti

On a Saturday morning around 10 a.m. last month, Alain McGuffie found himself on the corner of Northeast Third Ave and NE 58th Terrace in Little Haiti in Miami, Florida, picking up trash with the City of Miami’s Solid Waste Department. They’ve been there for at least an hour, throwing out big black garbage bags, debris and random pieces of abandoned furniture. But this partnership isn’t an organic one; it is part of a promise the city made with McGuffie, a Haitian entrepreneur, to essentially begin paying extra attention to the area and dispose of the garbage that often populates the streets of Little Haiti, home to thousands of Haitian and Carribbean immigrants.

The corner they’re cleaning is identical to several streets in Little Haiti, and it’s a daily eyesore that McGuffie noticed the moment he stepped foot in Miami.

“I always come to Little Haiti but we always drive through the main streets, where we see the cultural center and the church, but I never drive through the inner city and see what is going on,” says McGuffie, owner of Wish In A Bottle, a business that brings resources like…

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