West Indian Parade
Photo: IG @apmworldmag

Steel bands and revelers sporting elaborate feathered costumes, Caribbean flags and some rain ponchos marched and danced Monday in a West Indian American Day Parade dampened by weather and awash in cultural pride.

The annual parade in Brooklyn is one of the nation’s largest celebrations of Caribbean heritage, a New York take on Carnival celebrations. Brooklyn is home to hundreds of thousands of Caribbean immigrants and their descendants, and the march and a pre-parade street party called J’Ouvert are a can’t-miss tradition for many.

“I’ve been waiting for this all year,” Keiandra Blair, an 18-year-old of Guyanese descent, told the New York Post as she marched in the parade for the first time.

“Rain or sun, I’m still dancing. Nothing is going to stop me.

That’s our culture,” she said.

Roy Pierre, who makes parade costumes for as many as 200 people each year, told WCBS-TV he sees the event as “theatre in the…

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