The long reign of the bruja in contemporary pop culture will continue well into next year. That’s when Netflix will be releasing its latest Colombian show. Titled Siempre bruja (Always a Witch), this coastal drama follows Carmen (newcomer Angely Gaviria), a 19-year-old slave and a witch who’s about to burned at the stake in colonial Cartagena. Her crime? Having fallen in love with a white man. Thankfully an old wizard offers her salvation: she can time travel to a time and place where no one believes in witches (aka the present day). There’s only one catch: she has to promise to never use her powers. After she agrees, she finds herself in contemporary Colombia.

There, she finds new friends and starts to build a promising new life for herself. But, as its title suggests, once a witch, always a witch. Having teased the cast and the series a while back, the streaming network finally revealed the show’s release date. In a teaser video set against a colorful street in Cartagena, young Carmen struts by in a striking floral dress as ivy magically grows onto the walls around her. Catch the full La Perla-scored teaser video below and mark your calendars.

Siempre bruja hits Netflix February 1, 2019.

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