By Bianca Silva

If there’s one thing that comes natural to Jeff Lindor, it’s helping people succeed despite the obstacles placed by society. From collaborating with organizations such as the Haitian Cultural Exchange to creating not one, but two businesses focusing on helping men of color realize their potential, it seems like the sky’s the limit.

Lindor talks to The Haitian Times on what it’s like to develop professionally and the expansion of his current venture, Gentlemen’s Factory beyond Brooklyn into other cities.

Can you tell me about your role in The Gentlemen’s Factory and Groomed Success in preparing men of color for success? What inspired you to do that?

I’m the founder and CEO of the Gentlemen Factory and I’m also the founder of Groomed Success. My role is managing and operating the company but also helping to create platforms to provide men of color the tools and reflexes and connections to succeed. With the Gentlemen’s Factory, it’s a workspace and community that’s designed to enhance and connect [and] provide the space to communicate and interact and build together. With Groomed Success, I’m a vendor with the city in that we provide professional development training. We go into the schools and universities and also to the prisons to provide academic resources and training so that we can help young men get to the next level.

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