We only see his talent for 14 seconds, but it was enough to impress everyone, including LeBron James. In a video that has now gone viral, 13-year-old Dominican boy Roldany Velez is seen on a Santiago street crossing over his opponent and then tossing in a fadeaway jump shot, all while barefoot.

As the video has made the rounds online, people have commented on his skills, and some, like James, have offered to send him some shoes. On an Instagram post, he wrote, “I NEED INFO ASAP so I can send him some kicks!! In the meantime keep frying them dudes ?????”

The Kid Mero also saw the video and wanted to share Roldany some shoes.

In an interview with Enfoque Final, Roldany said he was surprised. “I said, ‘Wow, how strange. LeBron saw this  video,’” he said. “I felt great.”

Though many pointed out that he was barefoot, Roldany explained that he had chancletas, but he decided to take them off, so he could be more unstoppable.


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