Little Haiti

Miami officials seem hellbent on paving over one of the city’s last vibrant immigrant communities. Activists in Little Haiti for years have been pushing back against plans to build the Magic City Innovation District — a 17-acre luxury living and shopping complex that is unlike anything else in the working-class neighborhood of Little Haiti.

But despite residents’ consistent complaints about the project, the City of Miami Commission has pushed the project forward at a rapid clip. And now, with seemingly no other option on the table, one local activist and Little Haiti resident this past Friday sued the city in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

Warren Perry, a Little Haiti resident affiliated with the Family Action Network Movement (FANM), claims that the city is illegally shutting locals out of the Magic City Innovation District debate and that the practice violates protections for residents in the city’s “Miami 21” zoning code.

“The impact of undermining community participation in Special Area Plan applications is particularly pronounced, given…

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