Until now, there’s been no shortage of rumors and speculation about Bond 25, the mysterious upcoming installment in the 55-year-old James Bond franchise. We can now add another rumor to the pile, this one about a different exciting choice to wear the mantle of 007: Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch.

The rumor comes from an anonymous source quoted in the Daily Mail. According to the Mail’s source, in director Cary Fukunaga’s 2020 film, Lynch takes over the role of 007 after Daniel Craig’s James Bond goes into retirement. Lynch had previously been confirmed as part of the cast but was said to be playing a character named “Nomi”; it seems as if that moniker is an alias, along with the famous spy title.

Lynch assuming the role of 007 in Bond 25 doesn’t mean she’s a true replacement for the historically white male lead, however. The Daily Mail reports that Craig also remains a major part of the story — his Bond rapidly comes…

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