If you found yourself in the same room as Jennifer Lopez, you might feel tempted to ask her to drop her skincare routine. In a talk on Wednesday, Yari Blanco – the senior manager of culture and diversity at The Wing – spoke to Jennifer Lopez about her daughter, her upcoming tour, and other projects in the works. But Blanco also made sure to ask the perpetually glowing J.Lo – who in her latest movie, Second Act, develops an organic skincare line – about her own routine. The crowd immediately erupted in cheers, and then J.Lo dropped some big (if premature) news: She’s launching her own beauty collection in 2019.

“I will be coming out with a skincare line,” she said to an enthusiastic crowd. “We’ve been working on it for a long time… I get that question a lot, especially as I get older, and so when I put it out, I want it to be something that, you know, kind of encompasses all of the things I’ve learned, all the secrets I have. I have little secrets. And none of them have to do with needles or anything like that.. It’s going to be something that works.”

This isn’t J.Lo’s first foray into the beauty world. Just this year, she launched a 70-piece makeup collection with Inglot. And back in the day, she teamed up with Coty, Inc’s Lancaster Group to give the world the Glow by J.Lo perfume. Back then, she was highly involved in the process and even knew that she wanted the perfume to smell soapy.

Though she didn’t give too many details about the upcoming line, she did reveal that it’d likely drop in late 2019, which gives us plenty of time to save up.

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