Jamaica Dry River Falls
Jamaica Dry River Falls

According to TripAdvisor, travelers have rated Jamaica as the 14th best destination to visit in the world for 2018. Paris took the top spot among world destinations, but Jamaica is the Number 1 destination in the Caribbean region. Noting that there is nothing more relaxing than lying in the Jamaican sun, visitors note Jamaica’s classic description as “the land of wood and water” in citing its pristine beaches for swimming and snorkeling, it beautiful forests for hiking and bird-watching opportunities, spectacular reggae and dancehall music scene, and fascinating history as reasons that make Jamaica a must-see destination for all kinds of travelers.

Among the top attractions mentioned by travelers to Jamaica are the Blue Mountains, Dunn’s River Falls, Seven Mile Beach, Negril Cliffs, Original Mayfield Falls, and the towns of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Negril, Falmouth, and Port Antonio. Visitors mentioned Geejam, the Resort at Wilks Bay, Island…

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