The holidays can be stressful af for a multitude of reasons. The consumerism is overwhelming. Maybe you’re going home to a family that *gasp* voted for Trump. Maybe you’re not going home to that family and that has a whole different set of emotions. Maybe this year is same old, same old fake smiling at the cheap shower radio your tia got you and all your cousins. Maybe you’re looking for more meaning during these trying times.


How You Can Give Back To The Community This Holiday Season

Climate change has been an evil hag to you and your Boricua family the last couple years and we’re terrified for what’s to come. UPROSE was founded in 1966 in Brooklyn and has always been at the intersection of racial and climate justice.

Support their efforts because low-income communities fo color face environmental injustices at a disproportionate level.

The Ricky Martin Foundation

How You Can Give Back To The Community This Holiday Season

I knoowww, you’re thinking, why does Ricky Martin need my money? He has been on the ground in a major way helping rebuild homes in Puerto Rico. Plus, nobody will fight you if you gift their Christmas gift to Ricky Martin.

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