Kevin Celisca

Before the idea of co-founding the EdTech startup, Integrate Tech Inc., was hatched in 2014, Kevin Celisca was just a young accountant of Haitian descent at Ernst and Young with a passion to be successful in life and make more money for his family.

Graduating from the Fairleigh Dickinson University-College in New Jersey was very pivotal for Celisca who became the first person from his family to attain that level of education and to become an accountant with a developed interest in entrepreneurship.

Studying in London, Italy and China during college introduced him to entrepreneurship and shaped his goal in life which was to help improve people’s lives.

Integrate Tech Inc. was born after Celisca met his college friend and now business partner, Maxwell Witt, while he was working at Ernst and Young in 2014. Already fed up with his desk job, Celiscawas inspired by Witt’s ideas and the most striking was Integrate School software which was designed to give students the special attention they needed in and out of school.

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