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The Caribbean may be all about sunshine and good vibes, but every island has their dark side: from haunted houses to legendary ghost stories. We’ve rounded up our favorite haunted destinations for your next spooky trip.

Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Now a popular venue for romantic weddings, Rose Hall Great house has a dark underbelly that belies its elegant architecture and expansive gardens. The infamously cruel plantation owner Annie Palmer (dubbed the white witch of Rose Hall) called this place home. Legend has it that guests can see her reflections through the antique mirrors around the mansion, guarding her property from the afterlife. You can enjoy the spooky atmosphere during Rose Hall’s legendary night tours, or (for those faint of heart) explore the historic property by daylight.

El Convento, San Juan, Puerto Rico


This historic hotel in San Juan offers a little bit more than your regular room amenities. A former Carmelite convent dating back to the 1600s, the building now houses one the the city’s chicest boutique hotels. But the previous residents didn’t quite check out. Guests also report sounds of the covent’s nuns swishing through the hallways. A few even claim the convent’s founder Dona Ana de Lansos y Menendez de Valdez woke them up (gently, of course) when they overslept. Now that’s a wake-up call.

Fort Catherine, Bermuda

Originally built in 1614 by the British, the St. Catherine Fort on St. George’s island has see many a naval showdown. So it’s natural the historic site has collected some spirits along the way. One persistent ghost named George became such a nuisance around the lower chambers that some locals got fed up and held an exorcism in the 1970s to set him free. The ceremony however didn’t seem to work, and Bermudans have learned to embrace their friendly ghost. Now the fort (and George) has become a popular destination for local haunted history tours.


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