The Sinner
The Sinner

When The Sinner returned to USA a few weeks ago for its second installment, we expected to see some new faces, but we are especially excited about Haitian-American Natalie Paul (The Deuce, Luke Cage, Show Me a Hero) who is cast as Heather, a detective in training from seasoned detective Harry Ambrose’s hometown.

Photo Credit – The Sinner | Source: Peter Kramer/USA Network

Season 2 lures Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) back to his hometown in rural New York to assess an unsettling and heart-wrenching crime — parents murdered by their 11-year-old son, with no apparent motive. As Ambrose realizes there’s nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from, the investigation pulls him into the hidden darkness of his hometown.

Paul plays Heather, the small-town rookie detective struggling to unravel the mystery behind this young boy, why he was found at the scene of such a gruesome crime and what role his mother plays in all of it. Together with Ambrose, Heather…

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