Haitian Millennials
We first met Christherson Jeanty last week in our report on Haiti’s grave political and economic crises. Jeanty was born in Haiti, grew up in Pompano Beach — and now lives in Haiti, where he owns a job placement and outsourcing firm. He also hosts an internet talk show, “Haiti Biz News,” on his YouTube channel SeeJeanty.

But we wanted to know more about why Jeanty stays in Haiti at a time when chaos is overshadowing commerce — and why he thinks other Haitian expats shouldn’t back away from Haiti now, but engage it. Jeanty spoke with WLRN’s Tim Padgett from Port-au-Prince.

Chris, you were born in Haiti in 1986 at the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship — when all this democratic promise lay in front of Haiti. But three years later your family immigrated to South Florida. Why?

JEANTY: The situation was very difficult for so many people in the country at the time, including my own folks. My dad was a traveling minister and was able to secure a visa to America. They did not see where democracy was going to take them in Haiti — and…

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