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This section of the Island Origins Magazine website includes content on Caribbean food and drink including articles, recipes, places to go, things to do, and chef profiles. Learn about the traditional and the exotic, from Dominican Sancocho (Stews of the Seven Meats), to Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish, to Vegetarian Burgers made with Caribbean flare.

You can also read about the lives of some Caribbean chefs inside of and beyond the kitchen, how to go on a culinary adventure, and how to add a little spice to your life. Read on, for more Caribbean food and drink info.

Island Origins Magazine - Haitian fried turkey recipe

Chef Thia’s Tasso de Dinde (Fried Turkey)

Recipe by Chef Thia In Haiti, turkey is eaten as commonly as chicken. Chef Thia created this recipe on an episode of the Taste the Islands TV show,...
Island Origins Magazine - Haitian black rice recipe

Chef Thia’s Djon Djon Mushroom Rice

Recipe by Chef Thia Djon Djon Rice is a uniquely Haitian black rice recipe made with wild black trumpet mushrooms called “djon djon” grown in the north of...
Taste the Islands 19tn

The little show that could… From home kitchen to national TV

The story behind the TV show and the Taste the Islands Experience How Taste the Islands began When we started this journey four years ago, I knew that we...
Island Origins Magazine - Taste the Islands culinary Barbados tour

Our Culinary Tour Around Barbados

Flying Fish and Macaroni Pie Shooting the on-location part of Taste the Islands Season 2, there were only four team members that made the trip, but we made...
Island Origins Magazine HR Online Single Pages 61

The Culinary Side of South Florida’s Caribbean-American Events

Bring your hungry belly and your dancing shoes! As if you needed another reason to visit the beautiful sunshine state! Along with the inviting beaches, cultural diversity and...
Island Origins Magazine HR Online Single Pages 23

A Good Bellyful According to Jamaica’s “CG”

FRANZ HALL - Consul General | Consulate General of Jamaica in Miami I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked by the producers of ‘Taste the Islands’ to...