Belize’s lush jungle, pristine barrier reef, ancient Maya cities and caves, rich culture, and natural beauty make it the perfect playground. Certainly, its diverse terrain results in a guaranteed destination for some fun, suitable for all levels of endeavors.

The entire country is riddled with so many caves, that we often joke about Belize having more miles of underground systems than paved highways. For the Mayas, caves were the refuge of malevolent gods who expected humans to offer them gifts, and in return, the gods would provide to mankind. Based on studies, caves were a site were ceremonies, trades and offerings would take place. Belize is home to an amazing underground world worth exploring, with a little for everyone to enjoy. There is a cave to explore no matter what your level of fitness may be! Take a look at our top picks & it’s intensity level.

Tiger Cave| Intensity: Easy

This cave, named as such because villagers once saw a dog chase a jaguar cub into the cave, is about an hour and a half hike from the village of San Miguel, in the Toledo District. The hikes to the cave pass through modern-day Maya farms and Milpas. Not many get to see this unique cave as it is on private land but it would be a great experience for those interested in going.

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