What better way to spend your holiday in Belize than fishing! Belize is the perfect destination where you can find many options for sport fishing all year round. Whether fishing from shore, deep sea or on the flats, you are guaranteed a great time.

No matter what time of the year you choose to visit, there are always fish around.

The weather and moon cycle influences fishing and is also monitored by the guides to promise a successful getaway. The fishing day usually begins with a good breakfast in front of the beach and ends at sunset, although times are adjusted depending on the tides, weather and other factors.

It’s important to know that locals believe strongly in “catch and release”. Which means the act of catching the fish and immediately releasing the fish into the water in the same state that the fish was landed, to protect the fishery.

Belize is proud to be a country that protects bonefish, tarpon and permit as catch and release species. According to the legislation: No person or establishment shall have in possession any Bonefish, Permit or Tarpon or any product form, save and except in the act of catch and release.

However, you can always book a fishing trip in unrestricted areas where you can catch and keep other species.

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