Sancocho Recipe. Photo @immaculatebites

Sancocho Recipe – a hearty and absolutely delicious stew made with different kinds of meat in one pot, sausages, vegetables and starches. A very satisfying meal on its own. Perfect for this fall season!

Dive into this decadent Sancocho recipe

Nothing is as better as digging in on a big bowl of stew during this season. Now that it’s already October and fall is on full swing, it’s time to dust off those big pots for stews and soups. What I would usually do is make a big batch of soup and freeze any leftover for easy hearty meals anytime. And my first batch of stew for this October is this traditional dish Sancocho.

Dive into this decadent Sancocho recipe

What is sancocho?

From the Spanish verb , sancochar or to parboil, Sancocho is a traditional stew popular in several Latin American countries like that of Dominican Republic, Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, among others.

It has different variations among those countries, but the common ground is that sancocho is a hearty stew (sometimes referred as soup) made of meat, broth, starches and tubers, depending on the region. This hearty stew is often served during special occasions and the holidays.

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