Written by Irma Sera  Edited by Mrs. Wanda

Calling all travelers, it’s the New Year & most of the NY resolutions I’ve come across sound a lot like “travel more,” “Plan Girls Trip” or “visit XYZ.” With young black travelers changing the traveling game -it’s about time we shed light on the beauty of this culturally rich country.

There is a dark cloud that seems to appear when people talk about visiting or going to Haiti, and I am here to set things straight. As a young Haitian millennial who spends most of my PTO hours and summer vacays collecting stamps on my passport, I have been traveling to Haiti since I was 7 years old, and between then and now, at 23, Haiti sits at NUMBER 1 on my favorite places to visit. There is nowhere that compares to the people, the food, the beaches, music, and culture – PERIOD.

This post should also encourage Haitian-Americans to visit, Haiti. What other way to get to know your family heritage than going into where your parents and ancestors grew up. There are many people who were born in Haiti and have never been back since they were babies. NOW is the best time to visit, plan a trip.

Despite what the media has depicted before and even after Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, here are some of my favorite reasons on why your next trip should be planned to Haiti.

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