Chef Sean Kuylen 

If you visit Belize and ask about the top chefs in the country, hands down one of the names you’ll hear is Chef Sean Kuylen. 

Chef Sean Kuylen Background

Born in Corozal and raised in Dangriga (known as the cultural capital of Belize), it started very early for Chef Sean Kuylen. Sean’s passion for the kitchen was nurtured by one of his greatest influences – his mother. She inspired him to become a chef when he was just a boy after he had burned up many of her pots cooking eggs and baking. Sean attended culinary school in San Francisco and finds the creativity of being a chef and pleasing guests exceptionally rewarding. Sean uses a unique touch with all his specialties of the Caribbean, most notably Belizean cuisine. He says, “Belize has so many cultures and flavors to play with, it will take my entire career to mix, marry, and flirt with them all!” 

After several training and internships all over the world, Sean returned to his beloved Belize and began…

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