Alisha Wainwright

Jamaican-American actor Alisha Wainwright claims the spotlight in latest Netflix Sci-Fri series, “Raising Dion.” The groundbreaking project boasts Michael B. Jordan as executive producer.

The original programming is based on Dennis Liu’s comic, and Liu is its co-director. Wainwright plays mother Nicole Warren, who must protect her son when he starts developing superpowers. As the story unfolds, Nicole must face raising her son Dion as a single parent after the death of her husband, who is played by Michael B. Jordan. Her experience as a single mother are amplified when Dion begins to show his super-hero abilities. She now has to deal with this situation with the help of her husband’s best friend to protect her son from those who want to exploit his superpowers.

Wainwright is chiefly known for her performance as “Maia Roberts” in the series “Shadowhunters.” She was born…

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