Photo by David I Muir

May is National Haitian Heritage Month, a time for Haitian-Americans across the country to honor their heritage and culture. And festivities will abound at Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Complex, with a jammed-packed calendar of events. This year’s highlights include Sounds of Little Haiti concert, Chefs of the Caribbean Celebrity Brunch and the Caribbean Market Day that runs all month long.

Steeped in the complex and rich cultural histories of the Afro-Caribbean immigrants who brought life to its area, Little Haiti has evolved into a colorful beacon in Miami’s arts communities.

The hub of this vibrant community is the iconic Little Haiti Cultural Complex. It is designed to present & preserve Afro-Caribbean cultures‚ inspire the next generation of leaders and leverage arts and culture as tools for positive transformation & sustainable community building.

Within the complex is the Caribbean Marketplace which offers visitors the opportunity to experience the original artwork, music, fashion and food that makes Haitian culture so magnetic.

“We are excited to join in celebrating Haitian Heritage Cultural Month. The Little Haiti Cultural Complex plays a vital role in promoting the community of Little Haiti,” says Commissioner Keon Hardemon, District 5.

Learn more about this month’s calendar of events and the center’s mission here.

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Celebrating Haitian Heritage Month at Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Complex


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