Beach Bombshells
Photography by Logan C Thomas Barbados
Pree The Beach Bombshells Of Barbados

Beach Bombshells of Barbados – a half imagined, abstract glimmer in the back of my mind, until my friend Kari Miller posted a selfie with two friends (Jalicia & Zoe) at the beach & the idea took form. I immediately thought they looked like bombshells. I took the idea to my best friend Logan C Thomas. Logan & I have worked with each other for about a decade & a half. With his photography skills & on point perception of all my artistic visions, there wasn’t any other photographer I trusted & would want to work with on this project. It was a no-brainer. As Jalicia & Kari were a part of the inspired vision, they were a must to be included. Another thing was for certain. I wanted everything to be from Barbados. I reached out to local designers & Kim Angoy-Lee of Suga Apple Swim & Lisa Regeuira of Sirena Accessories gave their full support. Suga Apple proved to be the perfect choice for fashionable but…

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