Jamaica has produced some of the most lyrical and dynamic poetry writers in the world. They’ve written of love, culture, and controversial topics that continue to resonate in today’s society. They share a legacy of brilliant prose that shines brightly as a spotlight on the human condition.

Lorna Goodison

The poet and university professor was appointed Poet Laureate of Jamaica, received Jamaica’s Order of Distinction – CD rank, and is the winner of the Musgrave Gold Medal, OCM Bocas Prize for Poetry, and the Windham-Campbell Literature Prize. Goodison wrote 13 books of poetry, three short stories, a memoir, and essays.

Claude McKay

A central figure in the Harlem Renaissance, his most notable work was “Home to Harlem” and he was the recipient of the Harmon Gold Award. McKay was known for works that utilized Jamaican patois and he was active in political and social issues. He received the Order of Jamaica and was on the Molefi Kete…




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